Verification of assets managed by TEIs

Verification of assets managed by TEIs

Last updated 3 November 2016
Last updated 11/03/2016

All tertiary education institutions (TEIs) needing to verify the assets they manage should download and complete a copy of the asset verification spreadsheet and email it to

Asset verification spreadsheet (XLS, 111 Kb)

This spreadsheet is a core document to collect information for the implementation of the Crown asset transfer and disposal policy.

It seeks title information to determine which land managed by TEIs is in Crown ownership. It also asks for details of the buildings on the land – when they were built and their predominant educational use, both now and into the future.

Valuation information is gathered to establish the values of the assets being transferred or disposed of and the proportion of total land and building assets managed by TEIs that is in Crown ownership.

Information on TEI-owned land and buildings is also sought for this purpose and to enable a high level record of assets both owned and or managed by TEIs to be developed.

For more information, TEIs should contact their TEC investment managers. Otherwise general queries or feedback can be sent to