Funding and payments – 2016

Funding and payments – 2016

Last updated 21 November 2016
Last updated 11/21/2016

We are in the process of updating these fund pages for 2017.


This page sets out details of the funding for Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT).

It includes information about funding, consortium funding, fees top-ups, brokerage, the tools grant, payment and funding recoveries.


Māori and Pasifika Trades Training (MPTT) funding has four components:

  • consortium funding – for consortia activities
  • fees top-ups – to top-up the provider fees needed to make the programme of study or training fees-free to the learner
  • brokerage – for brokerage services to facilitate the necessary links with employers and education providers to progress learners into employment or further trades training
  • tools grant – a grant of $1,000 to eligible learners to subsidise the cost of tools relevant to their training.


Consortium funding

We allocate consortium funding based on learner numbers, in combination with the capacity and performance of the consortium. Other factors, such as the stage of development of the consortium and the potential for economies of scale are also taken into account.

Consortia activities that may be funded include:

  • project management and co-ordination 
  • evaluation services and employability skills training and fees, for example:
    • driving licenses
    • site safe certificates. 
  • wānanga and fono meetings.

These activities complement the Student Achievement Component (SAC) funded programmes and provide the opportunity for learners to gain entry level employment in their chosen trades. They also support the pathways into trades training and employment.

Fees top-ups

Funding for fees top-ups for SAC programmes is measured in equivalent full-time students (EFTS). One EFTS unit is defined as the learner workload that would normally be carried out by a learner enrolled full-time in a single academic or calendar year.

MPTT eligible programmes of study or training are those that lead to the award of a qualification at levels 1 to 4 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). The fees top-ups make the foundation education component of MPTT (the SAC provision) fees-free.

The fees top-ups rate is $4,000 per EFTS.

An organisation that receives MPTT funding for fees top-ups must use that funding to meet the learner’s contribution to the cost of teaching and learning services provided by the organisation.

An organisation must not use the fees top-ups funding to meet the government’s contribution to the cost of teaching and learning services provided by a tertiary education organisation (TEO). The TEO must meet those costs through its existing SAC allocation.


The brokerage component is paid to an organisation within a consortium to connect with employers and TEOs to support learners’ progression.

The brokerage payment rate is $1000 per learner, and supplements the existing brokerage and facilitation activities of each consortium.

Thirty percent of this brokerage funding, or $300, is paid to the TEO by the TEC as a performance incentive payment.

The TEO receives this incentive payment once a successful outcome has been reported through Workspace 2 using the MPTT Tools Grant and Brokerage Performance Summary template.

Learners have 18 months from ceasing to be enrolled in a MPTT SAC-funded programme to achieve a successful outcome.

We consider a successful outcome to be when a learner is:

  • enrolled in a New Zealand Apprenticeship; or
  • an apprentice-equivalent training arrangement (such as a managed apprenticeship); or
  • enrolled in industry trades training at level 3 or 4, identified by the TEC as leading to sustainable employment.

The incentive payment is paid to the TEO and is payable only once for each learner.

An organisation must provide the brokerage services specified in its funding confirmation letter, which may include:

  • recruitment support, identifying pre-employment needs of learners, and their employment and training pathways 
  • supporting learners and working with employers and key industry stakeholders
  • employment transition support.

Further information about ‘funding for fees top-ups and brokerage’ is available in the funding confirmation letter for organisations - Appendix 2 (PDF, 535 Kb).

Further information about ‘eligibility for funding for consortium activities’ is available in the funding confirmation letter for consortia - Appendix 3 (PDF, 414 Kb)

Tools grant

The tools grant is a payment of $1,000 to eligible learners to subsidise the cost of tools relevant to their training. Only TEOs that have a signed funding confirmation letter with us are able to apply for MPTT tools grants on behalf of learners.


We pay funding for MPTT in accordance with the organisation’s funding confirmation, which specifies the amount of funding payable for fees top-ups, and/or brokerage services (as applicable).

Payments are made in monthly instalments. To account for the government's financial year that runs from July to June, the payment amounts are equal from January to June, and equal from July to December.

Funding recoveries

If an organisation receives funding that is greater than it should have been, or that it was not entitled to receive, the TEO must treat the amount of the over-funding as a debt due to the Crown.

Further information about ‘funding recoveries’ is available in the funding confirmation letter for organisations - Appendix 2 (PDF, 535 Kb).