Funding and payments – 2016

Funding and payments – 2016

Last updated 9 February 2017
Last updated 02/09/2017

We are in the process of updating these fund pages for 2017.

For the 2017 conditions for Gateway funding, refer to:

Generic conditions that relate to all off-Plan funds

Specific conditions that relate to this fund only


This page provides information on funding and payments for Gateway funding. It outlines funding allocations, payments, funding recovery and the process for decreasing places.

Funding allocations

When allocating Gateway funding, the TEC considers:

  • whether the school is eligible for funding
  • the appropriate number of Gateway students for the school, based on previous delivery levels
  • average unit standard credit achievement by students on the Gateway programmes offered by the school.

Gateway funding is allocated per place on a sliding scale; as the number of places increases, the amount of funding per place decreases (the first place is funded at $2,844.00 and 85 or more places are funded at $1,022.22 per place (excluding GST)).  The full details of the payment rates are available in Gateway – funding rate sliding scale (Excel, 40 Kb).

Schools that are new to Gateway are eligible to receive an establishment payment of $4,444.00 (excluding GST) to assist with set-up costs of the programme. For more details see the Gateway Handbook (updated July 2016) (PDF, 835 Kb).



We pay Gateway funding to schools in 12 equal payments. Further details on payments are available in the Gateway Handbook.


Gateway funding is payable for the number of eligible students (places) enrolled in the Gateway programme up to the number of places specified in the funding confirmation letter.

If a school delivers less than 100 percent of the places for which it is funded, we will recover the Gateway funding for the places that are not delivered in that year. We will inform schools if any recovery will be required early in the following year.

For further information see your funding confirmation letter: Appendix Two 'Funding Recovery Methodologies'.

Process for decreasing places

A school may apply for a reduction in the number of places if it is likely to enrol fewer students in a Gateway programme than it had agreed to.

A school should contact the Sector Helpdesk as soon as it knows it will not use its Gateway allocation.

To apply for a reduction in Gateway places, complete the proposal for decreased places form (Word, 39 Kb) and email it to our Sector Helpdesk.