Transcript for Strengthening Vocational Education and Training

Transcript for Strengthening Vocational Education and Training

Last updated 16 May 2023
Last updated 16 May 2023


[Lloyd Ma'ole - Workforce Central Dunedin] What do businesses and industries need to thrive?

People, people, people. Simple. Skilled labour force.

[Voiceover] Vocational education and training in Aotearoa New Zealand has been reshaped to help make this happen. If you're part of leading a business, industry or region you can help shape what people learn so future employees get the most relevant skills from their training.

[Raymond Clark - Workforce Central Dunedin] The new vocational education and training system allows businesses to voice their needs and have those needs met in a really innovative and quick way.

[Voiceover] Workforce Development Councils collaborate with people in their industries to look at what skills and standards are needed now and in the future, so education providers can design and deliver the right training.

[Claire Robinson - Toi Mai Workforce Development Council] If you're a learner, wherever you are in the country you're going to get the same type of learning, the same content, in the same form of delivery.

[Kevin Ihaka - Muka Tangata Workforce Development Council] We've now got all our training in one place so the classroom training is there, the online training is there and supporting the workplace learning, so we can seamlessly move right through the whole system without having to jump between training providers and the workplace, it's all in one place.

[Voiceover] Every part of Aotearoa also has a Regional Skills Leadership Group. These groups work with their local communities so that regional issues are addressed by regional solutions

[Charlotte Littlewood - Taranaki Regional Skills Leadership Group] So we're speaking to businesses about where their skill shortages are now and also where they think that might change in the future and it helps give a really good understanding of how we need to provide skills training and education.

[Voiceover] Stay informed about the work of your Workforce Development Council and local Regional Skills Leadership Group and get involved to help shape a more adaptable and responsive workforce for the future of Aotearoa New Zealand