TITO Transition Plans

TITO Transition Plans

Last updated 5 May 2022
Last updated 5 May 2022

Under the Reform of Vocational Education, the role that the Transitional Industry Training Organisations (TITOs) play in arranging and supporting workplace-based learning is shifting to other providers. This transfer must be completed by 31 December 2022.

Each TITO is required to detail two aspects of transition. The first covers which of the providers (i.e. Te Pūkenga, private training establishments or wānanga) it recommends transitioning its arranging training functions to, including when and how this is best to take place. The second covers which of the Workforce Development Councils it transitions its qualifications systems functions to. Hence a final Transition Plan, which is assessed and approved by the TEC Board of Commissioners, comprises these two parts.

The plan for transitioning arranging training requires the support of a TITO’s industries and employers as the agreed optimum outcome for their learners and employers. The plan for transitioning all TITOs’ qualifications systems functions was completed in June 2021 and noted by the TEC Board of Commissioners to enable the establishment of the WDCs on 4 October 2021. All Transition Plans are developed with guidance from and in consultation with the Tertiary Education Commission.

As part of the TEC’s ongoing commitment to openness and transparency, the Transition Plans are being published on this page. They are published after each is approved by the TEC Board of Commissioners, in due course. The table below will be progressively updated as these plans are approved.

If there are good reasons for doing so, sections of the documents have been withheld. Where this is the case, those sections have been clearly marked with references to the Official Information Act (OIA) provided to explain why the information has been withheld.

Documents are available in PDF format only. Accessible versions, where available, can be supplied on request. Email: OIA@tec.govt.nz




17 June 2021


Competenz Transition Plan (PDF, 3.4 Mb)

WDC - Competenz (PDF, 4.8 Mb)

17 June 2021


Connexis Transition Plan (PDF, 3.6.Mb)

WDC - Connexis (PDF, 884 Kb)

22 July 2021

NZ Marine and Composites ITO

NZ Marine & Composites TITO Transition Plan (PDF, 4.8 Mb)

WDC - NZMAC (PDF, 2.8 Mb)

19 August 2021


BCITO Transition Plan (PDF, 4 Mb)

WDC - BCITO (PDF, 1.7 Mb)

21 October 2021


MITO Transition Plan (PDF, 2.9 Mb)

WDC - MITO (PDF, 2.7 Mb)

18 November 2021

Service IQ

Service IQ Transition Plan (PDF, 2.5 Mb)

WDC - Service IQ (PDF, 324 Kb)