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RoVE Virtual Hui 2022

RoVE Virtual Hui 2022

Last updated 14 April 2022
Last updated 14 April 2022

Thank you for all those who participated in the hui. It has been great to have the feedback and insights. We are currently addressing the points raised during the hui, taking a collaborative approach, with responses directed to the individual and organisation best placed to answer them.

The RoVE Virtual Hui Recording, Wed 6 April 2022

The aim of the hui was to broadly cover four areas:

  • The vision of the reforms/how you are contributing to the wider vision
  • Where we are at in delivering this vision
  • The road ahead
  • Working together

The aim was to create a platform for the RoVE vision to be clearly articulated to people across the vocational education and training system. We wanted attendees to come out of the hui celebrating what they have achieved so far, understanding the important part they play in mahi on the reforms and energised with ideas for us to all collaborate more effectively.

You can access the agenda here and the speaker profiles here.

Watch the RoVE Virtual Hui – links below.

0855 – 0930 Mihi whakatau/welcome

0930 – 1030 The vision of the reform – a discussion

1100 – 1145 Delivering the vision

1245 – 1305 The road ahead

1305 – 1330 Key relationships and collaboration in the learner journey

1330 – 1350 Learners at the centre of the system – panel discussion

1400 – 1500 Working together – a discussion/closing address

Access PowerPoint presentations here

RoVE Hui Delivering the vision

Liz Brown - Canterbury RSLG

RoVE Hui Delivering the Vision

Paul Hollings - Food and Fibre CoVE

RoVE Hui Delivering the vision

Philip Alexander Crawford and Samantha McNaughton - Ohu Mahi

RoVE Hui Key relationships and collaboration in the learner journey

Ian Funnell and Craig Langdon - Skills Working Group

RoVE Hui Key relationships and collaboration in the learner journey

Morgan Healey - Tertiary Education Commission

RoVE Hui The road ahead

Dr Charles Royal - Taumata Aronui

You’ll find the agenda for the day here

Read about the speakers here

Hear from others working on the reforms

Ben Johnstone from Vertical Horizons speaks to their involvement in RoVE and how they are approaching their role as a receiving organisation supporting students.

Vertical Horizons NZ



Chris van der Hor from MAST Academy outlines the benefits and opportunities that RoVE presents and how they have prepared themselves for the future as a key player within the system.

Marine and specialised technologies academy



Tamai Roff from Skills4Work talks about her experience implementing their receiving plan and working with the RoVE team, and highlights what she’s looking forward to most out of the reform.

Skills for work