WDC Orders in Council Consultation closes tomorrow - have your say!

WDC Orders in Council Consultation closes tomorrow - have your say!

Last updated 4 February 2021
Last updated 4 February 2021

The TEC’s Consultation on the Workforce Development Council’s (WDCs) six Order in Council proposals is almost complete and has been experiencing good levels of participation.

“We have completed the information sessions and I am pleased to say that the questions came thick and fast,” said Gillian Dudgeon, Deputy Chief Executive of the Delivery Directorate at the TEC.

“It’s exciting to reach this important milestone in the establishment of these new industry governed bodies and based on the participation and feedback received so far, we expect to receive a high number of quality submissions by the close date of tomorrow, 5 February.”

The Orders in Council are the legislative instrument needed to formally establish the six WDCs as legal entities. The TEC is asking what people think of the WDC names, the industries they cover, and the governance arrangements.  The feedback from consultation will inform the final Orders in Council needed to establish each WDC. 

“The formation of the WDCs is significant and is one of the key changes being undertaken by the reform of vocational education to create a unified vocational education system.  When established they will provide industry with greater leadership across our vocational education and training system – something that has been needed for a long time,” said Gillian.

“The WDCs role is also integral in supporting Māori success, and the success of other learners.”

WDCs will have a forward, strategic view of the future skills needs of industries; set standards, develop qualifications and help shape the curriculum of vocational education; moderate assessments against industry standards and, where appropriate, set and moderate capstone assessments at the end of a qualification.

Once consultation is complete the feedback will be analysed and summarised. The Minister of Education will decide on any changes to the Order in Council proposals, taking into account the consultation feedback. After approval from the Minister, the Parliamentary Counsel Office will finalise the six Orders in Council, and these will then make their way through Cabinet and the legislate process, eventually to be approved by the Governor-General and ‘gazetted’ (announced). Once the Orders in Council are in place, the WDCs will be formally established and the council members can be appointed.

 “They will also provide advice to the TEC on investment in vocational education, and have the role of endorsing programmes before they are considered for funding by TEC.”

For details about the consultation and the proposals, and to have your say, go to the WDC Consultation website (This has now closed).