Got a trade? Got it made!

Got a trade? Got it made!

Last updated 28 August 2019
Last updated 28 August 2019

Trade SpeedMeets are giving hundreds of students across the country an opportunity to quiz trades and services industry employers who are hiring and get answers to important questions such as: “Where can this industry take me?” “Can I work while I’m studying?” and the crucial “How much could I earn?”

 Got a trade Got it made

The current skills shortage, including 56,000 construction tradies alone, has prompted the industry to organise SpeedMeet events for “Got a trade? Got it made!” They've proven so popular that the events are already oversubscribed.

New research by management consultancy firm Scarlatti shows that those who started out as apprentices, by the age of 28, had earned $165,000 more than learners with a law, medicine, or arts degree. University graduates also have an average student loan debt of $30,000.

Kelly Henshaw, service manager at Trucks and Trailers, says the SpeedMeets are a great opportunity to meet potential new apprentices.

“There’s a shortage of skilled technicians, so they’re in demand. Our company recently raised our starting rate, but it’s still a challenge to find enough apprentices."

In 14 colleges round the country, learners and employers will be able to meet then indicate via a mobile app “yes”, “no” or “maybe” after a series of five minute SpeedMeets. 

The participants can then follow up to talk about apprenticeships or other employment opportunities.

The events are a collaboration between the Ministry of Education and Industry Training Organisations, along with local councils, Chambers of Commerce and local businesses.

Businesses participate for free from a range of industries and the numbers are growing. Industries include construction, automotive, tourism and hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, marine, fisheries, primary, and retail.

The events will be held again in 2020 and anyone interested in vocational trades are encouraged to go to Businesses can also express interest in next year’s series.