First CoVEs announced

First CoVEs announced

Last updated 28 August 2019
Last updated 28 August 2019

The first two centres of vocational excellence for the primary and construction sectors, were announced this month by Minister of Education, Chris Hipkins.

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A third, potentially for health services is being considered.

Each new centre will be formed of a consortium that includes education and industry experts and researchers, and will drive innovation and excellence in vocational teaching and learning within the primary sector and construction sector. They will be hosted by a regional campus of the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, or by a wānanga. These centres are part of a plan to raise the status of vocational education and address the serious skills shortages across New Zealand in key industries.

Functions for the Centres of Vocational Excellence could include:

  • Sharing high-quality curriculum and programme design
  • Sharing applied research with employers and providers
  • Sharing learning technologies with providers of vocational education to minimise cost and duplication
  • Providing training support for employers
  • Strengthening pathways into vocational education, including from school
  • Other functions as deemed necessary by the centre.
  • Establishing a centre focused on developing excellence in the trades and the apprenticeship training model is a sign of the Government’s commitment to support the construction industry and to get more people into training.

Cabinet has agreed funding of $18 million over four years to establish three prototype centres.

The Minister has signalled that proposals will be sought by the end of the year on where in the vocational educational national network the centres will be located and what functions they will include.