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Vocational training sector explores how to adapt to change

Vocational training sector explores how to adapt to change

Last updated 9 November 2016
Last updated 9 November 2016

A common theme at the NZ Vocational Education and Training (VET) Research Forum was the changing nature of workplaces and workplace skill needs, and the way in which the VET sector needs to adapt to address these changes.

The two day event in Wellington was co-hosted by the Industry Training Federation and Ako Aotearoa, to discuss initiatives and evidence that support good-quality vocational and professional education.

ITO Investment Manager John Dorgan, who attended the forum, said a number of presentations from keynote international speakers and New Zealand researchers provided a range of views on vocational education and training.

“Research presented showed that there is a need to build capability for people to work in a changing and uncertain environment. This is a shift away from lifelong employment and strong occupational identity,” he said.

Qualifications will need to recognise common competencies. New pathways will need to recognise changing influences, new technologies and workplace needs and have a wider focus.

“Research and experience, especially in the United Kingdom is reinforcing the critical role employers have in ensuring the success of workplace training and showing that employers must act collectively to take ownership of skills and skill development,” he said. 

The forum also looked at factors that influenced learner progression and the completion of training programmes.

“Research reported at the forum pointed to the impact negative school experiences had on lowering future prospects for employment and ongoing learning. The need to address underlying problems that lead to disorientation when learners leave pre-employment training was also discussed.

John Dorgan said lots of the information shared at the forum about the future of VET is already informing our work at the TEC.