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Unlocking the value of our data

Unlocking the value of our data

Last updated 26 June 2017
Last updated 26 June 2017

We have been sharing our story of how we are unlocking the value of our data and becoming an information broker, in Wellington and abroad. In doing so, we are hoping to open up opportunities to work with other organisations and make it easier for others to take the same journey.

Jan Sheppard, our Manager Business Information Services, and Brendan Kelly, our Deputy Chief Executive, Information Directorate, presented the TEC’s story at the GOVIS 2017 conference held at Te Papa on the 15-16 June. GOVIS stands for Government Information Systems Managers’ Forum and is a government network that supports people in government agencies to connect, share and learn about all aspects of information and technology.  

In their presentation, Creative destruction – the key to unlocking business value from information, Jan and Brendan talked about how our organisation is using data to create the information our system needs to support the shift in our focus  from being a funder of the tertiary education sector to being an investor. 

“It’s about how we are using our data to deliver value to a range of internal and external customers,” Jan says. “It’s also about forming partnerships around data sharing and information products as we did with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and its Regional Economic Activity Report.”

“Getting started was a big step as we had to rethink our business and our way of working. But it was worth it and the journey so far has been phenomenal. We have gained new insights about our system we never knew to look for before,” says Jan.

Telling our data story overseas

Jan was recently invited by Qlik1 to speak at two events in Singapore, one with government agencies and the other with higher education organisations. She talked about how the TEC has been transforming the way it does business through sharing information.

“Singapore is positioning itself as a 'smart nation', using digital technology and sharing data. Our story is universal and it was wonderful to be able to share it with a country with a similar vision and find out the challenges around data are the same the world over,” Jan says.

As what TEC is doing with data is so new, we are taking an iterative approach to developing our information products. Jan explains that this means every new product we release enables new insights not possible before and, as a result, the system changes and we need to account for that shift in what we do next.

“We are currently adding an iwi lens to our existing apps and working on a new app that will give an industry view of qualifications,” says Jan.


Screen image

A view from our Tertiary Provision app showing health-related tertiary provision in 2016. It shows the value of what was delivered, the number of learners involved and the tertiary education organisations they enrolled in.


[1] Qlik is the business intelligence and visualisation software we use to develop our information product library.