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Our information apps are Unitec's single source of truth

Our information apps are Unitec's single source of truth

Last updated 4 May 2017
Last updated 4 May 2017

Recently we caught up with Zhivan Alach, Planning Performance Manager at Unitec in Auckland and asked him how the institute of technology is using our information products in its planning.

How did you first hear about our new information products?

Before the apps were released last November, the TEC came and did a demo of some of the new apps they were developing.

What were your first impressions?

We love the apps, they are really useful and very easy to use.

What apps are you using?

We are mainly using the Tertiary Provision app and Secondary to Tertiary Transition app.

How do you use them?

With the Tertiary Provision app we look at Auckland provision and how we are performing compared to other providers.

The Secondary to Tertiary Transition app allows us to look at the West Auckland catchment area and see the mix of schools our students are coming from and what other institutions they are going to. This allows us to identify our untapped market for marketing purposes.

What are the main benefits for your organisation?

The information in the apps is more up to date and gives greater geographical depth than other sources. This allows us to see our relative position to other tertiary education organisations (TEOs) sooner than we could previously. Also, we can easily cut the data by the various filters which we cannot do with other data sources.

Another benefit is that the apps provide us with a single source of information across our organisation. Previously when we looked at historical data, for example EFTS in 2008, we would have one set of data from Education Counts and another set from elsewhere and so on, and nothing matched up. So we have now agreed that we will all use the app data as our single source.  

The data allows us to see trends much sooner and from that prepare our marketing approach and strategic plans earlier than before – rather than relying on the bush telegraph.  I am particularly looking forward to the updates when 2017 SDR data goes in.

Any surprises in the insights?

We were surprised by the change in mix at the national level in terms of universities versus institutes of technology and polytechs and how that mix has changed over time.  Also, we gained some interesting insights from pulling data at an institutional level and comparing ourselves with AUT and Auckland University.

What do you think the TEC’s next steps should be with the information products?

It would be helpful to have international student data included in the apps, as Education Counts does.

We would like to be able to more easily compare TEOs, for example EFTS at subject level. Currently, we have to extract data at a TEO level and then combine and compare in Excel.

In future, I think it would be a good idea to have some widgets on the TEC website at a sector/vocational level rather than institutional level so people could get an idea of what the apps can do – like a taster. We have shown the apps to our senior managers but they don’t have the time to log in and use it. They just want to see the end results.

It would also be great to have the Educational Performance Indicator data available in the apps.

More information about the information products

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