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Results of SAC levels 3 and 4 competitive pilot published

Results of SAC levels 3 and 4 competitive pilot published

Last updated 16 December 2016
Last updated 16 December 2016

Following on from the recent publication of the Student Achievement Component (SAC) levels 1 and 2 competitive funding, we have now published the outcomes of the SAC levels 3 and 4 competitive funding pilot.  

The SAC levels 3 and 4 competitive pilot was one of the ‘quick wins’ from our Investment Approach programme. It focused on two areas of primary provision: agriculture, and horticulture and viticulture.   

SAC competitive processes provide us with the opportunity to invest in provision of high value to both employers and students, which creates strong pathways from education to employment, while being responsive to labour market and skills needs.

The competitive process helps us take a holistic view of provision. It balances a number of factors including regional distribution of provision, learners’ needs and regional demand.  This helps us focus on funding tertiary education organisations (TEOs) that can deliver high quality provision and meet the needs of learners located in areas where there is the greatest demand.

Total funding and how distribution has changed

For the SAC levels 3 and 4 process, the total value of provision allocated is $27.69m for 19 TEOs. Of those, there are two ‘new entrants’ to this type of provision, 14 TEOs who received an increase in funding and five who received a decrease.

There have also been some changes to funding distribution within sub-sectors and regions.  There has been a decrease in provision in the university and institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITP) sub-sectors and an increase in the private training establishment (PTE) sub-sector. This mirrors changes seen in the SAC levels 1 and 2 competitive process.

Some regions have been allocated a higher total value of funding than in previous years. These include Northland, the Bay of Plenty, Gisborne and the Hawkes Bay. These are considered regions of economic priority. Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury have a smaller value of funding allocated due to less quality provision on offer. 

TEOs participating in the pilot are being advised of their final allocations via funding letters.

More information

More information on the SAC levels 3 and 4 competitive pilot can be found on the SAC 3 and 4 competitive process web page.