Christine Hayden and Paula Collins Project Lumanai Launch

Research gives insights into how to engage Pasifika youth

Research gives insights into how to engage Pasifika youth

Last updated 22 November 2016
Last updated 22 November 2016

Careers New Zealand has released new research that shows study and careers resources need to be fun, simple, visual and culturally relevant to engage Pasifika youth.

The goal of the Project Lumana’i research programme is to inform effective and relevant design and delivery of career resources for Pasifika.

Careers New Zealand spoke to over 500 Pasifika youth from Years 7 to 13, their teachers and aiga (families) to find out about their study and career aspirations, where they go for information, who helps with their decisions, what challenges and concerns they have and how they want to receive career information.

“The research has given us a clearer understanding of Pasifika peoples’ career aspirations, information needs and the channels most effective to support young people,” says Cassius Kuresa, Chair of Careers New Zealand’s Va Pasifika Network.

Other key findings of the research include:

  • access to Pasifika role models inspires young people
  • strong cultural identity matters
  • family, friends and community groups have a significant influence on youth and their decisions
  • Pasifika young people are less likely to choose foundation subjects (English, maths, science).
Project Lumana'i team celebrates at launch of report

From left to right: Tuese Tulia (Business Support, Careers NZ); Neale Pitches (Executive Chair , Lift Education); Don Long (Editor, Lift Education); Jo Paku (Senior Resource Development Advisor - Print & Delivery, Careers NZ); Christine Hayden (Professional Development Services, Careers NZ); Liz Tui Morris and Jodi Wicksteed (Senior Designers, Bolster Design); and Cassius Kuresa (Chair, Va Pasifika, Senior Leadership Team, Careers NZ).


“What we’ve learned through the findings will help us create digital resources that excite, engage and raise Pasifika young peoples’ knowledge of the diverse careers and industries that exist today and build their expectation that they can reach these heights,” says Careers New Zealand CEO Keith Marshall.

“We’re interested in partnering with organisations who want to do the same,” adds Keith.

Project Lumana’i follows on from Careers New Zealand’s Project Kāmehameha – a research project to inform the design and delivery of career resources for Māori youth.

Read more about Project Lumana’i and access the report.