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Release of Plan Guidance for 2019

Release of Plan Guidance for 2019

Last updated 7 December 2018
Last updated 7 December 2018

The Plan Guidance for the 2019 investment round has been released. If you are a TEO with an Investment Plan expiring in 2019 and you are seeking more than $3 million in TEC funding for 2020, you will need to submit a new Plan next year. Plan Guidance provides you with information about what we will be looking for in your Plan.

Key updates include information on:

  • how we will be using funding to deliver on the shifts in our Investment Briefs
  • changes to the Plan round timeline
  • requirements for industry training organisations
  • new information tools, including updated and enhanced post-study outcomes data
  • the careers system strategy and micro-credentials.

The Plan Guidance is supported by our Investment Toolkit. The toolkit contains a suite of products and templates to support your strategic planning and will help inform your discussions with the TEC.

We have continued to put a strong focus on parity. We have set the target that, by 2022, we will achieve patterns of participation and achievement for Māori and Pasifika on par with other learners. Over time, these patterns will also deliver parity of post-study outcomes.

Although it’s challenging, we believe this goal is achievable. The moral, social, and economic arguments for it are compelling – we must have a system that delivers good outcomes for all New Zealanders. We will work with TEOs to understand what changes will be most effective and how we can ensure they are made.

We look forward to working collaboratively with TEOs over the coming year to improve the way we work to deliver better outcomes for learners.