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Refresh of Key Information for Students web pages

Refresh of Key Information for Students web pages

Last updated 10 April 2017
Last updated 10 April 2017

Now that over half of eligible tertiary education organisations (TEOs) are preparing to publish the Key Information for Students (KIS) on their websites we have refreshed the KIS web pages to make them easier to use and find supporting documentation. 

What is the Key Information for Students (KIS)?

The KIS is a result of research, consultation and sector engagement to ensure we help make it easier for learners to make more informed tertiary enrolment decisions.

The KIS is a specific set of information about SAC-funded qualifications, level 5 and above, provided by each eligible TEO. The KIS is published on each associated qualification page on each TEO’s website, as either a full table or as a button graphic. Both options will link to the full table of data on the central KIS website, hosted by Careers New Zealand.

The KIS will enable learners to make real comparisons between qualifications and across providers when deciding on what and where to study.

What has changed on the KIS web pages?

We have made a number of changes to the KIS section of our website. These include:

  • updating content to reflect each phase of the process (initiation, design, implementation and maintenance)
  • consolidating guidance into one single document
  • creating a one-stop-web page for all hand-outs and frequently asked questions
  • creating a frequently asked questions guide, to allow you to easily find answers to questions grouped by topic.

We hope you find our new web pages easier to use and more helpful in supporting you to implement the KIS on your website.

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