Working with the sector: Preparing for the 2018 Quality Evaluation

Working with the sector: Preparing for the 2018 Quality Evaluation

Last updated 7 December 2016
Last updated 7 December 2016

The smooth running of the Performance-based Research Fund’s 2018 Quality Evaluation process this year has benefited from the guiding hand of its Sector Reference Group and its wide consultation with the sector.

We set up the Sector Reference Group (SRG) in 2014 to provide us with advice and recommendations on what operational changes should be made to the design of the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) Quality Evaluation.

The Quality Evaluation is an assessment of the research performance of staff at participating tertiary education organisations (TEOs). Assessment of evidence portfolios is undertaken by expert peer-review panels.

SRG Chair, Professor Ian Town says the SRG met regularly over a two-year period and ran a comprehensive consultative process with the sector to provide recommendations on the operational guidelines for TEOs and staff.

“Initial consultation took place in September 2014 where we looked at the approach to the design of the 2018 Quality Evaluation. This was followed by a number of consultations on topics ranging from staff eligibility criteria, to reviewing components of Evidence Portfolios, to looking at the assessment framework.”

Professor Town, who is the former Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canterbury, says the 16 SRG members worked well together and shared the same goal.

“We were fortunate to have wide sector representation on the SRG, and were ably supported by the TEC secretariat. It was a collegial group that was fully committed to an inclusive process.

“The Quality Evaluation is a complex process, so we were working towards producing guidelines that would provide clarity for the sector.”

Our University Investment Manager Dafydd Davies says the SRG worked well with both the TEC and the sector.

“Sector engagement and support is crucial to the success of the PBRF. The SRG did an excellent job in communicating with the sector and using sector input to inform their recommendations to us. We’ve received positive feedback from the sector on the 2018 Quality Evaluation guidelines and that is in large part due to the hard work of the SRG.”

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Photo captionSRG members left to right: Robyn Longhurst, Tony Parker, Janet McLean, Philippa Howden-Chapman, Jonathan Hughes, Ian Town, Don Cleland, Kay Morris-Mathews, Steve Ratuva, Maxine Bryant, Richard Newcomb, Paula Jameson (Principal Moderator for the 2018 Quality Evaluation not part of the SRG but the SRG work gets handed over to Paula), David Simmons. Absent: Richard Blaikie, Jacinta Ruru, Shireen Maged and Kate Kearins.