Our new online tools

Our new online tools

Last updated 9 November 2016
Last updated 9 November 2016

We have launched our secure portal, Ngā Kete, and three new information products to make it easier for you (tertiary education organisations) to securely access and explore up-to-date tertiary sector information.

Together, the portal and our information products are designed to improve how we do business with you and allow us to share information more easily and securely. Ngā Kete will help personalise your online experience with the TEC. The products in the information product library will support more in-depth dialogue about tertiary education delivery and let you discover new insights into the tertiary education system.

It will also give you secure access to information about your own organisation, the sector and your environment that was not readily available before.

You can access the information product library by logging into Ngā Kete using an Education Sector Log in (the ESAA secure service provided by the Ministry of Education). The Ngā Kete log in button appears near the top right of every page of this website.

Ngā Kete provides access to information from multiple sites

Ngā Kete makes it easy for you to access relevant material across multiple websites, both public and private, all from one central site.  It is designed to help personalise your online experience with us and allows you to securely browse and search for information simultaneously across multiple sources:

The information product library

The information product library currently has three information products which are interactive apps:

  • The Secondary to Tertiary Transition app explores the transition of secondary school leavers into tertiary education. It will help identify the secondary-tertiary pathway and where opportunities exist for TEOs to work more closely with schools.
  • The Tertiary Provision app shows where, and in what subjects, learners are enrolling (only for SAC and YG enrolments collected in the SDR at this stage) across the country. Insights gained will help identify delivery patterns and demographic make-up to help TEOs better plan and understand future provision. 
  • The My Provision app provides a detailed view of the Tertiary Provision app personalised for each individual TEO.

We will continue to develop and deploy new apps and information products over time, as well as enhancing what we have.

Meanwhile, we are keen to hear how useful you find Ngā Kete and the first apps in our information product library. Please contact us with your questions and ideas about what information could be useful. Send your feedback and questions to customerservice@tec.govt.nz