pathways awarua health and safety module

Online modules promote health and safety

Online modules promote health and safety

Last updated 30 November 2016
Last updated 30 November 2016

A number of tertiary education organisations (TEOs) and employers are successfully using new online literacy training to promote health and safety in everyday life.

The Pathways Awarua initiative is a free, fun, online interactive learning tool. It comprises pathways of learning modules on different topics to help learners strengthen their numeracy, reading, writing and listening skills.

A new health and safety pathway has been released following the success of the road code pathway which helps users prepare for their learner driver’s licence test.

The new pathway aims to teach learners their workplace health and safety responsibilities under the Health and Safety Act 2015 while at the same time developing their literacy and numeracy skills.

The online modules have already been used by many TEOs and employers who provide foundation-level tertiary education where embedding literacy and numeracy is a requirement.

We are working with Work Safe and Skills Highway to promote this resource to employers and employees. Improving literacy and numeracy in the workplace is recognised as being fundamental in improving health and safety statistics and decreasing the risk of workplace injury. There are clear links between workers’ literacy and numeracy skills and their ability to engage effectively in health and safety processes and training.  

How the online modules work

The pathway modules link to four collections:

  • personal health and wellness
  • staying healthy and safe at work
  • understanding workplace health and safety
  • incident reporting.

The modules involve a sequence of screens with learning tasks.  Learners interact with the content through drag and drop, multi-choice, and open-answer questions and receive immediate and customised feedback on their answers.

Each learner has their own account which tracks their progress. They can earn points for questions answered and gain certificates as they progress.

Pathways are available on three platforms – computer, tablet or smartphone. Learners can work online or offline. There are no classes; learners work at their own pace.

Visit the Pathways Awarua website for more information.