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Ngā Kete gets a spruce up

Ngā Kete gets a spruce up

Last updated 3 April 2017
Last updated 3 April 2017

We have made a small upgrade to Ngā Kete to improve the way search results are displayed, add further source systems to the search scope and generally improve functionality.

How will it affect me?

Next time you log on, you will notice some changes to Ngā Kete:

  • The design has been improved to make it display and respond better across all devices, particularly tablets.
  • You will be able to search two additional websites: and
  • You can apply all search filters with one click – look for these buttons on the left-hand side of Ngā Kete and Tuia search screens:

Filter button on Nga Kete

  • You can customise the number of results displayed – the default is between 20 to 50 but you can change this to suit
  • You can rename favourites, both when you create them, and from your ‘My favourites’ page: 

Nga Kete favourites screen

Menu changes coming  next week

Next Monday some additional improvements to Ngā Kete will take affect. These comprise of name changes in the menu to make the order more intuitive and enabling access to our Information Product Library for secondary schools. The menu changes will be: 

  • the menu heading Sector and Other Agencies will be renamed Information product library
  • secondary schools will be added as a sub-menu item to provide secondary schools access to the Information Product Library
  • support materials will be added as another sub-menu item to replace the ‘TEC's information product library’ section on the Ngā Kete Help page.

What is Ngā Kete?

We launched Ngā Kete to tertiary education organisations in November 2016. It can be accessed from the front page of this website (see top of home page) and provides you with secure access to search or browse for information across multiple sources:

  • TEC website
  • Literacy and Numeracy for Adults website
  • Pathways Awarua website
  • Skills Highway website
  • Engineering Education to Employment website
  • Education website
  • Workspace2
  • Information products.

If you have any other questions about Ngā Kete or are having trouble accessing it, please contact our Sector Helpdesk.