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Implementing our new Pasifika Operational Strategy

Implementing our new Pasifika Operational Strategy

Last updated 30 January 2017
Last updated 30 January 2017

We are planning to engage widely this year to find out what actions and initiatives have worked well to help Pasifika learners succeed in tertiary education.

We will also be seeking feedback from tertiary education organisations (TEOs) on how to work together better as we implement our new Pasifika Operational Strategy 2017–2020 (PDF, 309 Kb).

The Strategy has clear, simple actions with measurable outcomes based on what we know works for Pasifika learners. It sets out three critical focus areas that will have the greatest impact for Pasifika learners:

  • Focus Area 1: Using information to increase transitions into higher levels of education and into employment.
  • Focus Area 2: Changing the way TEOs support Pasifika learners.
  • Focus Area 3: Strengthening the role of the community to increase system capability.

What we are going to do

An essential part of putting our Strategy into action is for us to connect better with Pasifika communities, schools, TEOs, government and employers to gather and share information.

We will apply the knowledge, feedback and insights from our engagement to help develop approaches and operational policies for Pasifika tertiary education.

To drive best practice and continuous improvement for this priority we will also be monitoring TEOs on their agreed measures and targets for Pasifika in their Investment Plans.

Thirdly, we will be identifying, scaling up and funding appropriate evidence-based interventions that work for Pasifika.

Why we are doing this

While we have seen positive tertiary education gains for Pasifika learners over the last 10 years, we need to build on these gains and ensure that more Pasifika are successful in their studies.

We want to ensure Pasifika learners and their families make informed choices about tertiary study. 

For TEOs this means they need to:

  • ensure Pasifika learners, families and key influencers have clear access to high-quality information
  • strengthen the information flow with secondary schools
  • support Pasifika learners to make informed choices about courses relevant to their goals, aspirations and needs.

We want to develop a better system understanding to focus what works well for Pasifika learners.  We also intend targeting our investment to deliver real success for Pasifika.

”Our aim is that TEOs will focus on improving their quality of provision and ensuring more Pasifika learners are able to embark on successful careers,” said Strategy and Priorities Senior Advisor Lisale Falema’a.

“Ultimately, the goal is to achieve parity between Pasifika and non-Māori/non-Pasifika learners."

On the Boosting achievement for Pasifika web page, we have some suggestions for what TEOs can do to help Pasifika learners succeed. We have also outlined in more detail the type of information and feedback we wish to gather from the sector.