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New online complaints tool for tertiary education

New online complaints tool for tertiary education

Last updated 8 November 2017
Last updated 8 November 2017

A new online tool has been launched for students and staff to register any complaints or concerns about tertiary education organisations, anonymously if they have to.

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC), the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Universities New Zealand are all trialling the tool, called Whispli, in addition to their existing complaints and concerns processes.

“We’re confident that the vast majority of New Zealand’s tertiary education organisations are run, well and work hard to provide high quality education outcomes,” says TEC Chief Executive Tim Fowler.

“But we also take any complaints and concerns seriously, and it’s important that when somebody does have concerns, they can be sure we’ll look at them closely.”

NZQA Deputy Chief Executive Quality Assurance, Dr Grant Klinkum, says the online tool adds to the options. “Whispli will work alongside the existing NZQA quality assurance process for non-university tertiary education organisations. All concerns raised with NZQA are actively followed up and are used to inform our quality assurance processes.”

The tool allows complaints and concerns to be made anonymously if necessary, Mr Fowler says.

“We recognise that coming forward with information is a big deal for people, and some need the protection of anonymity to feel safe.

“Universities New Zealand, NZQA and the TEC have worked together on this tool, as issues at tertiary education organisations can be relevant to all three agencies. We receive a relatively small number of complaints but a confidential online tool will be a useful option for some people.”

The TEC invests approximately $2.9 billion every year into tertiary education and monitors approximately 700 tertiary education organisations (TEOs) to ensure they are performing. The monitoring helps ensure TEOs are equipped to deliver agreed services, meaning New Zealanders can get the knowledge and skills they need for lifelong success.

The new tool is available through the websites of the TEC, NZQA and Universities New Zealand


This is a joint media release issued by the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) and the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).