New information to support TEOs with Investment Plans 2019

New information to support TEOs with Investment Plans 2019

Last updated 31 May 2018
Last updated 31 May 2018

We have published new information to support Tertiary Education Organisations (TEOs) develop their Investment Plans (Plans – including those Plan exempt) for funding from 2019.

We will start communicating indicative allocations from 1 June 2019.

Reminder – Plan information is due to the TEC by 13 July (PTEs – final Plans, TEIs – draft Plan)

We have released Supplementary Plan Guidance

Supplementary Plan Guidance, May 2018 has just been added to the Plan Guidance webpage. It provides additional information about:

  • how we will invest Student Achievement Funding (SAC) funding, and
  • newly published Post-study Outcomes information products.

It should be read by TEOs submitting a Plan for funding from 2019, alongside the TEC December 2017 Plan Guidance and the Investment Briefs in the Investment Toolkit.

We have published TEC principles for SAC levels 1 and 2 funding allocations

This provides TEOs with an overview of how the TEC will allocate funding for SAC at levels 1 and 2 following the end of the competitive funding process. 

We expect to release more detailed information shortly. 

Indicative allocations will be available on Workspace2 from 1 June

Indicative allocations for 2019 will be provided to TEOs in their Mix of Provision (MoP) templates from 1 June 2018. Where a fund does not have a MoP the indicative allocation will receive an Indicative Allocation Letter (IAL). 

We have updated the Levels 4-7 (non-degree) and the Level 7 (degree) Investment Briefs with information about post-study outcomes of learners

These Investment Briefs now identify areas of provision where outcomes are not as good as other areas of provision. We have identified areas of provision that have:

  • above average graduate Jobseeker Benefit rates, and
  • below average graduate incomes, and
  • high volume. 

TEOs can view these updated Investment Briefs in the Investment Toolkit. See Supplementary Plan Guidance to learn more about how we will use this information.

Achievement data for 2017 is now available in the Ngā Kete information products

Educational Performance Indicator (EPI) data for 2017 is now available in the Ngā Kete information products. This will allow TEOs to investigate how their organisation is tracking against the targets outlined in the Investment Briefs. The main information products relevant to the Investment Briefs are My Performance and My Provision.

Investment Managers will continue to discuss how TEOs can use all of this information in the development of proposed Plans. For more information, visit the Investment Toolkit page or contact the Investment Manager or Advisor.

It is important we receive TEO Plans on time

All Tertiary Education Institutions (TEIs) submitting a new Plan this year are required to submit a draft Plan to us, including the Mix of Provision (MoP) and EPI Commitments (EPICs) by 13 July 2018.

Private Training Establishments (PTEs) must provide their final Plan (or MoP and EPIC if Plan exempt) to the TEC by 13 July 2018.

If we do not receive complete Plan information by this date, we may be unable to consider funding requests.

TEIs must submit their final Plan to the TEC by 20 August 2018.