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MyQ connects graduates with prospective learners to pass on valuable insights

MyQ connects graduates with prospective learners to pass on valuable insights

Last updated 14 March 2017
Last updated 14 March 2017

About 88% of new graduates surveyed so far by our new MyQ online survey are satisfied with their qualification.

Graduates are generally positive about the qualifications they studied, with between 83% and 86% of graduates believing their qualification prepared them for work and improved their chances of getting a job. To date, 85% of survey respondents are in employed work.

Brendan Kelly, our Chief Information Officer, says, “MyQ is clearly a tool of its time that gives recent graduates the type of platform they need in a digital age. They are sharing their views and providing valuable feedback to support future students in their decision-making about tertiary study."

MyQ complements other information tools

We launched MyQ (Rate My Qualification) in December. It’s a new information tool to give prospective students access to information about the value and relevance of tertiary qualifications. It invites recent graduates to complete an online survey about their tertiary experience. This information will then be accessible to prospective students from the MyQ website.

MyQ Facebook page to be more interactive

We set up the MyQ Facebook page so we could get the word out to recent graduates using multiple digital channels. Since launching the advertising campaign, we’ve had a lot of interest in our colourful, retro-inspired graphic ads, with the Nokia 3315 being a crowd favourite. 

Nokia phone ad

We are now developing the Facebook landing page to be more interactive and allow instant engagement.

How you can help make MyQ a success

While we’ve had a good response since launching MyQ before Christmas we would like to build the numbers. We are asking anyone with access to recent graduates to encourage them to complete the survey, either via their website, social media or direct channels.

We have created a media pack to make this easier. This is available along with a factsheet and more information on our MyQ web page.

How we will develop MyQ

We plan to extend MyQ to provide learners and tertiary education organisations with employers’ feedback about qualifications and their direct application and relevance for job roles.

If you’d like to find out more see the MyQ webpage or ask a question by emailing