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MyQ connects graduates with prospective learners to pass on valuable insights

MyQ connects graduates with prospective learners to pass on valuable insights

Last updated 19 January 2017
Last updated 19 January 2017

In December we launched MyQ, a new information tool to give prospective students access to information about the value and relevance of tertiary qualifications.

MyQ complements other information tools available to learners to deliver on the Government’s objective to support better results and outcomes from tertiary education.

How you can help to make the tool a success

MyQ (Rate My Qualification) works by inviting recent graduates to complete an online survey about their tertiary experience. This information will then be easily accessed by prospective students from the MyQ website from next month.

We need as many graduates as possible to complete the online survey by February so that their insights and feedback will be available to prospective students as soon as possible.

You can help make this initiative a success by advertising the MyQ tool through your website, your social media or other direct channels and encouraging your recent graduates (those who have completed a qualification within the last three years and at least six months ago) to complete the survey.

We have created a media pack to make this easier. This is available along with a factsheet and more information on our MyQ web page.

Brendan Kelly, our Chief Information Officer, says, “This is a fantastic peer-to-peer tool that gives recent graduates the opportunity to share their views and provide valuable feedback to support future students in their decision-making about tertiary study.

“Many people use opinion-based surveys and reviews now as a primary means of sourcing information before making a decision. Graduates and prospective learners told us they love the concept and believe it will be a useful tool.”

How we developed MyQ and next steps

We asked over 500 people what information they considered most valuable to help inform study choice then incorporated their responses into the development of the survey questions and the tool’s design.

While the tool will be used primarily by anyone looking to study a tertiary qualification, we expect careers advisers, parents and whānau, schools and employers to also seek out information from MyQ.

At a later stage, we plan to extend MyQ to provide learners and tertiary education organisations with employers’ feedback about qualifications and their direct application and relevance for job roles.

If you’d like to find out more see the MyQ webpage or ask a question by emailing