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My Provision app now available for ITOs

My Provision app now available for ITOs

Last updated 16 February 2017
Last updated 16 February 2017

The latest addition to our information product library, the My Provision - ITR app, reflects how industry training organisations (ITOs) track and measure their impact.

Helping you make smarter investment decisions

We launched our new information product library last November to make it easier for you, and for us, to find and use information to support smarter decision-making – both within our own organisations and when working together.

Gathering, using and sharing information is the backbone of how the whole sector can make smarter investment decisions.

As promised when we launched the library, we will keep adding new updates and products over time based on feedback from users.

What MyProvision does

With the addition of My Provision – ITR, we now have two My Provision apps. We have renamed the first one My Provision – SDR to reflect the source of the underlying data and avoid any confusion.

Both apps allow you to explore where learners are enrolling, what courses they are enrolling in, and their demographics (age, gender and ethnicity).

You can filter by reporting year, funding source, delivery site or employer region, and course or programme attributes.  Information is shown by number of learners, and by volume and value of delivery.

These apps will be useful in seeing enrolment demand within and across locations. Insight into delivery patterns and demographic make-up may help schools and TEOs to plan their future provision. 

How to access the apps

If you haven’t yet applied for secure access to our Information Product Library, or you need more people within your organisation to have access, you can do this at any time.

Complete and return the ESAA Tertiary Application User Access Request form to the Ministry of Education for each staff member who needs access. Tick the box in Part 4 to get access to Ngā Kete which includes access to our Information Product Library.

The Education Service Desk can answer any questions you have about your ESAA User Access Request. Email or phone 0800 422 599.

For other enquiries about the Information Production Library, contact your Investment Manager or our Sector Helpdesk.