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Improvements coming to our Fund finder

Improvements coming to our Fund finder

Last updated 13 December 2017
Last updated 13 December 2017

We listened to feedback from stakeholders about usability of the Fund finder pages on our website. We have made significant improvements to the pages, so functionality better meets the needs of tertiary education organisations (TEOs) and other stakeholders. 

These improvements will go live in early 2018.

During redevelopment of our website in 2016, and during consultation with TEOs and other stakeholders, we identified a number of ways to improve our Fund finder and fund pages. Since then, we have developed and refined these improvements and we’re now almost ready to go public.

It’s critical that our Fund finder continues to meet user needs. We have made it easier to find funding information and used language that is easy to understand. We have introduced a new filter-based search function that allows users to quickly find the funds that are relevant to their organisation. 

The improved functionality of Fund finder will make it easier for users during their Investment Plan development and monitoring of their delivery. This includes:

  • find funding information relevant to an organisation
  • search all fund pages for keywords or terms
  • navigate between funds, fund pages and the Fund finder
  • navigate the pages within each fund
  • browse conditions
  • access conditions for previous funding years (back to 2015)
  • made the text less technical and easier to understand, to quickly find what you want
  • see at a glance any key changes to a fund on that fund’s landing page. 

To find out more about the changes, please see the Fund finder guidance (PDF, 250 Kb).