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Help us improve refugee employment outcomes

Help us improve refugee employment outcomes

Last updated 23 May 2017
Last updated 23 May 2017

Do you deliver programmes to refugees or programmes designed to develop refugees’ skills leading to employment? Or you may deliver training that supports career development or assesses the employment skills of refugees?

We are working with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE), other government agencies and industry to implement an inter-agency work programme to improve employment outcomes for refugees.

We need to first take stock of what employment initiatives currently exist that are suitable for refugees nationally and regionally.

If you currently deliver programmes to refugees or that are designed to develop skills leading to employment, you can help us by filling out this survey by 17 June.  

What the programme will do

Led by MBIE, the interagency programme seeks to identify new approaches to help refugees secure meaningful and sustainable employment and ease some of the barriers to employment they face.

The programme will:

  • develop a coordinated set of services that prepares, connects and supports refugees in connecting to employment paths and opportunities relevant to their skills
  • use strategic relationships with employers to provide refugees with greater employment opportunities better aligned to their skills.

How our funds support the Government’s refugee resettlement strategy

The Government’s Refugee Resettlement Strategy aims to help refugees integrate into communities, find work and gain access to health services. One of its goals is to ensure refugees have English language skills that help them participate in education and daily life.

We support refugee resettlement through two of our funds:

  • the Refugee English Fund which supports refugees to reach a level of English that will allow them to enter employment, or undertake their choice of vocational or degree-level education
  • the Intensive Literacy and Numeracy ESOL fund which provides fees-free ESOL programmes to adult refugees (including protected persons) and migrants who are pre-literate learners or learners with very low levels of English language and literacy. Pre-literate learners are those who need exposure to the purposes and uses of literacy.