Engagement workshops to explore opportunities

Engagement workshops to explore opportunities

Last updated 20 February 2017
Last updated 20 February 2017

When the Government announced last year that Careers NZ (CNZ) would transfer to the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) in 2017, the challenge of delivering an improved career system was laid firmly at the feet of the TEC.

The transfer mandates the TEC to broaden the scope of our business – connecting us closer to our customers, the New Zealand public. 

By combining the strengths of CNZ and the TEC, we’ll have the experience and expertise within the organisation to meet the challenge of ensuring all New Zealanders have the knowledge and skills needed for lifelong success.

Customer engagement workshops

In March 2017, the TEC is hosting a series of workshops asking our customers for their views about the future opportunities and challenges for learners, job seekers and employers as we ready our business to meet the future needs of New Zealand.

Paula Collins, Deputy Chief Executive Careers Transition says, “We’re getting the ground ready to build our business for the future. The transfer of CNZ to the TEC is an opportunity to connect people from education through to employment. We’re keen to hear our customers’ views on the factors they consider critical to the success of a connected career pathway. Their views will help us build a business that meets the needs of New Zealanders today and in the future.”

The workshops are being held in Dunedin (2 March), Auckland (6 March), Wellington (7 March), New Plymouth (8 March), Christchurch (9 March) Invercargill (10 March) and Gisborne (14 March). 

Invitations to attend workshops have been sent to TEOs, schools, employers, community and whānau. We’ll be running focus groups with students, too.

“We’re interested in hearing from people across New Zealand and are hoping that the locations of the workshops will give us a snapshot of a variety of views from the regions to the cities,” says Paula.

“The transfer of CNZ to the TEC is an exciting opportunity. We’re keen to maximise the impact we can make by combining our strengths for the benefit of all New Zealanders.”

If you are interested in attending a workshop or want more information, please contact Olivia Sumich on (04) 4625395 or Olivia.sumich@tec.govt.nz