Call for panellist nominations for the PBRF 2018 Quality Evaluation

Call for panellist nominations for the PBRF 2018 Quality Evaluation

Last updated 17 January 2018
Last updated 17 January 2018

The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) is seeking nominations to finalise peer review panels for the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF) 2018 Quality Evaluation. 

Professor Paula Jameson, Principal Moderator for the PBRF 2018 Quality Evaluation, says that panel members play an essential role within the Quality Evaluation.

“Panel members assess the Evidence Portfolios of researchers.  Individuals are appointed as peer review panellists in their own right, for their specific skills and expertise in both research and the assessment of research.”

Panel members need to have substantial experience in a peer review or research evaluation role, significant research expertise, and the confidence of their peers. 

The panel nomination process occurs in two stages. The first stage closed in September 2015 and included the selection of Chairs, Deputy Chairs, and the initial cohort of panel members. The second stage of the nomination process is open until 26 February 2018.

For the second stage, we encourage nominations that will ensure panels have good representation across subject expertise, type of research experience, gender and ethnicity.

We have specific needs for nominations for Māori and Pacific panellists across all peer review panels. We are also keen to receive nominations for researchers associated with institutes of technology and polytechnics, wānanga, or a non-tertiary education organisation setting.

Below is a list of the 13 peer review panels that have been established for the 2018 Quality Evaluation. Next to each panel name are subject areas with a need for panel nominations.

  • Biological Sciences: agriculture, applied biological sciences, molecular biology, cellular biology, and whole organism biology
  • Business and Economics: finance and accounting
  • Creative and Performing Arts: literature, design, craft, fine art, and web-based work
  • Education (broad expertise across the discipline)
  • Engineering Technology and Architecture: planning, surveying, design, civil or structural engineering, mechanical or mechatronics engineering, electrical or electronics/communications engineering and interdisciplinary researchers
  • Health: nursing and rehabilitation
  • Humanities and Law: English language and literature, foreign languages and linguistics, history of art, classics, curatorial studies, law, philosophy, religious studies, and theology
  • Māori Knowledge and Development  (broad expertise across the discipline)
  • Mathematical and Information Sciences and Technology: informational technology, computer sciences, and business-related IT
  • Medicine and Public Health: biomedicine, clinical medicine and public health
  • Pacific Research  (broad expertise across the discipline)
  • Physical Sciences (broad expertise across the discipline)
  • Social Sciences and Other Cultural/Social Sciences (broad expertise across the discipline)

We expect to receive some nominated research outputs in languages other than official New Zealand languages. As part of the nomination process, we ask that nominees confirm what languages (other than English) they can assess research in. We will take this into account when assigning Evidence Portfolios of research. 

More information about the nomination and selection process

Panel nominations close 26 February 2018. Potential panel members must be nominated by another person – this may be a head of department or similar person from an employer.

More information about the nomination and selection process, as well as what will be required of panellists, is available at PBRF 2018 Quality Evaluation.

If you or your colleagues have any queries about being nominated or appointed as a PBRF panel member, please contact us.

PBRF 2018 Quality Evaluation panel nomination FAQs (PDF, 263 Kb)