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Better together – ICT staff working on the Careers Transition

Better together – ICT staff working on the Careers Transition

Last updated 3 March 2017
Last updated 3 March 2017

When the Government announced the proposed transfer of Careers NZ to the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) last year, detailed planning began to ensure a seamless transition of the staff and functions of CNZ. 

Creating a framework to build CNZ into the TEC business involves a layered approach that covers everything from understanding a shared staff culture to everyone having a TEC email address. An integration programme of work to align the functional business of both organisations has been created. Within the programme, the ICT work stream is responsible for making sure that CNZ staff will transfer to the TEC with access to all the ICT systems and tools they need to do their jobs.

“The approach we’re taking is to use our infrastructure as the primary infrastructure solution and bring CNZ users on board,” says Brendan Kelly, Deputy Chief Executive Information.

“It sounds easy but there are lots of considerations, from implementing a connection between our two organisations and rebuilding CNZ devices ready to work in our operating environment, to having a robust training programme in place and an ICT service desk ready to help with support.”

“By getting the systems and tools right, staff can be confident they can continue to do their jobs without disruption to service.”  

Using the combined expertise and experience of both organisations’ ICT teams and a small number of external contractors is the collaborative approach we are taking to achieve the best results.

Suresh Renganathan, Senior ICT Specialist at CNZ, is currently working with the Careers Transition team at the TEC. Suresh is providing CNZ subject matter expertise to the project team, supporting the analysts, system administrators as well as the test area. John Veale from the TEC is back-filling for Suresh at CNZ. The arrangement allows progress to be made on the transition project work while ensuring continuity of service from when CNZ joins the TEC and beyond with the crossover of staff.

“We’re working towards a seamless transfer,” says Brendan. “What that means for staff in a practical sense is, by getting the foundation right, they will feel confident they have what they need to continue to do their jobs right from the start.”


ICT teams from TEC and Careers NZ at work

Working to get the ICT systems and tools right for the start. From left to right: Jeff Goldsbury, Ashley Phillips, James Salisbury, Reinier Weers, Ari Visan and Deb Burr.