MOE and TEC web teams

A refreshed, improved website built on a solid partnership

A refreshed, improved website built on a solid partnership

Last updated 7 December 2016
Last updated 7 December 2016

The launch of our refreshed website last month was made possible by a successful partnership between the Tertiary Education Commission (the TEC) and Ministry of Education (MoE).

We were responsible for managing the project, carrying out user research, rewriting the content, and overseeing the design. It was MoE’s job, as the web developer, to bring our ideas to life.

Jason Bell, MoE’s Manager Web Services, says the decision to work together was part of a wider strategy across the education sector.

“Our goal is to provide services across the sector that will be cost effective and allow us to react to change quickly and get stuff done,” Jason says.

Before this project, MoE developed the Education Review Office’s new website and helped migrate Te Kura’s suite of sites to MoE’s instance on the All of Government Common Web Platform (CWP).

“Our work with the TEC worked out well because we applied lessons learnt from the first two to this development,” Jason says. “The TEC’s build has been smooth. It’s a good sign of progress.”

Another driving force behind the collaboration was the strong relationship between the two organisation’s Chief Information Officers – Brendan Kelly at the TEC and Stuart Wakefield at MoE.

“Our success had a lot to do with good relationships,” says Natalie Reid, our Web Project Manager.  “It's a very professional, modern website and I’m very happy with it.”

Judging by the feedback, our users are happy with it too. “It’s looking really good and is very easy to use,” says Kathleen Rabel, Manager of Institutional Analysis at Victoria University of Wellington. “I now find it much easier to do what I need to, when I need to.”

And it’s only going to get better. Our Service Level Agreement with MoE means their web services team will continue to make enhancements.

“When a website’s built, it’s never really finished,” says Jason. “We know that business and user needs change, so we employ a continuous improvement approach to enable website owners to add changes to a backlog. This allows their website to evolve over time.”

MoE will also take any new features and functions created for our website and refine them for other education sector agencies, creating further cost savings. 

“It’s about reuse, rather than re-inventing the wheel,” Jason says. “We aim to provide quality web development services which lower overall costs for our sector agencies.”

This partnership demonstrates the commitment of both organisations to building relationships that help us to achieve better outcomes for New Zealanders. 


Feature image (from left to right): Annette Edwards-Hill, Tim Glasgow, Emma Roache, Jennifer Lane, Melissa Laterveer and Natalie Reid – from the TEC web project team – and MoE web developers: Chris Turner, Ben Pickett and Hadlee Lineham, and TEC web project team member, Dee Warring.