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A fun tool for everyday life

A fun tool for everyday life

Last updated 23 March 2017
Last updated 23 March 2017

More than 11,000 young people have used the Pathways Awarua Road Code online learning pathway to get them ready for their learner’s licence.

The pathway makes learning about safe road use and the road code fun while strengthening literacy and numeracy skills at the same time.

The  Road Code is one of two applied pathways in Pathways Awarua. It was developed two years ago in collaboration with the New Zealand Transport Agency.  It is free to all adults and tertiary students and, since last year, has also been freely available to secondary students.

“The Road Code pathway adds to the tool box that literacy and numeracy tutors can offer their learners,” says David Do, our literacy and numeracy advisor.

“It's a voluntary, self-paced module. Because it's able to be used at home after hours, it extends the learning time for learners and can be used to reinforce what they learned in the classroom.”

How Darfield High School is using it

One secondary school using the Road Code pathway is Darfield High School in Canterbury. The school’s Literacy Coordinator Jan Stark has built a unit of work around the idea of becoming a responsible driver and the Pathways Awarua modules form the reading component of the unit.

“The Road Code is great for helping students work on their reading skills as it’s at the appropriate level and of high interest and relevance to most of them," she says.

“My literacy class focuses on the literacy skills students need to function as informed New Zealand citizens so any work that is linked to real life is a winner."

What is Pathways Awarua?

Pathways Awarua is a fun, interactive online tool comprising pathways of learning modules on different topics to help learners strengthen their numeracy, reading, writing and listening skills. As well as the Road Code pathway, there is a one on health and safety, and a financial capability pathway is currently in development.

How the online modules work

The Road Code pathway includes 40 modules that cover topics such as:

  • the give-way rules
  • driving to the conditions
  • sharing the road responsibly and
  • understanding the stages of the graduated licence system.

The modules include a range of multi-media interactions, including interactions where the learners use drawing and video analysis tools to indicate driver decisions.

Learners interact with the content through drag and drop, multi-choice, and open-answer questions and receive immediate and customised feedback on their answers. Each learner has their own account which tracks their progress. They can earn points for questions answered and gain certificates as they progress.

Pathways are available on three platforms – computer, tablet or smartphone. Learners can work online or offline. There are no classes; learners work at their own pace.

The Pathways Awarua online modules are used by many TEOs and employers who provide foundation-level tertiary education where embedding literacy and numeracy is a requirement.

More information

Visit the Pathways Awarua website for more information or watch this introductory video (You Tube, 2.15 minutes).