Completing your December 2019 SDR

Completing your December 2019 SDR

Last updated 6 December 2019
Last updated 6 December 2019

This section provides information to help you submit your December 2019 Single Data Return (SDR).

On this page you will find:

What you need to know

Changes in the SDR

Key dates

Resources and support

What you need to know

Find key information for the December SDR round.

When is the December SDR due?

You will need to extract your data up to and including 31 December 2019, in preparation for submitting your SDR by 5.00pm, 31 January 2020.

If you have already extracted and validated your files before this date, please re-extract and re-validate them on or after 31 December 2019.

New providers

For help on filing your first return please contact us as soon as possible on 0800 601 301 or


Total Fee field

The Total Fee field is used to help undertake policy modelling on the wider tertiary funding system by the Ministry of Education.

Please ensure that you complete this field when submitting your SDR.


For TEOs that deliver SAC level 3 and above with a source of funding code of:

  • ‘01 Student Achievement Component Funding’, and
  • ‘29 Maori Pasifika Trades Training Level 3 and 4’.

We use forecasting data to help inform allocations and in-year funding amendments. Please ensure accurate and realistic forecast data is submitted.  It is a requirement of your funding conditions that you provide us with accurate data.

The basis for your forecast will be the EFTS consumed and the EFTS awaiting consumption (refer to SDR Manual “EFTS_MTH” Field Number 2.18). This includes your best estimate of the monthly EFTS for students who have not yet enrolled, but are expected to enrol in the remaining months of the year.

Changes for the December 2019 SDR

Updates to SDR Manual (V1.4)

The Ministry of Education and Tertiary Education Commission have released an updated version of the SDR manual. This is available on the Education Services website and we suggest you read through the changes prior to submitting your SDR.

Please note the following key changes for your December 2019 SDR submission, found on Page 3 of the 2019 SDR Manual.

Qualification award category (QAC) for micro-credentials

A new QAC will be available for micro-credentials. The QAC will be 50 and is available in the QAC dropdown list in the STEO qualification section.

To submit new micro-credentials, follow the same process as normal, but use a QAC code to identify it as a micro-credential.

It will be possible to select a NZQF level of a micro-credential from 1 to 10. To select the correct ISCED level use the chart below (also see the SDR manual Appendix 9).

1-3 3
4 4
5-9 5
10 6

Fees Free eligible flag

This field is used to determine whether a student is eligible for Fees Free at the extraction date of the SDR.

The Fees Free eligible flag is being updated to accommodate the additional 8, 9 and 0 values.

The SDR will now accept the following flags:

Value Description
Y Learner IS eligible for fees_free
N Learner is NOT eligible for fees_free
U Learner’s fees_free eligibility is Unknown
8 Learner eligible for fees-free, started fees-free consumption in 2018, and will always have status as 8
9 Learner eligible for fees-free, started fees-free consumption in 2019, and will always have status as 9
0 Learner eligible for fees-free, started fees-free consumption in 2020, and will always have status as 0

The new validation will be effective from December 2019 onwards only and providers will get an error if they enter any values other than Y, N or U for any resubmissions prior to December 2019.

New validation for international STAR students

A new validation will be added in December 2019 to identify international students undertaking STAR study as a domestic student.

This validation will result in a new warning 672 when ASSIST = 03, FUNDING is 05 and FOREIGN FEE is not blank.

Validation description

WARNING  Code Description


Applies from Dec 2019 onwards

Applies to Student Type B

ASSIST = 03, FUNDING is 05 and FOREIGN FEE is not blank

Updated country of citizenship in SDR Appendix

The country of citizenship has been updated in the SDR appendix.

Key dates

31 December 2019 Extract data for the December 2019 SDR
1 January 2020 SDR round opens
31 January 2020 SDR round closes

Resources and support

  • To guide you in using STEO, please refer to the STEO User Guide v3(MS Word, 9.2 MB)
  • To guide you in your submission of the December 2019 SDR, please refer to the latest version of the SDR Manual 2019 version 1.2 [PDF; 2.02 MB] and related appendices on the SDR Manual 2019 version 1.4.
  • For assistance with course, qualification and delivery site approvals, and the SDR in general, please contact our Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301 or
  • For help on accessing the STEO website and validation errors, please contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or