Completing your August 2021 SDR

Completing your August 2021 SDR

Last updated 26 July 2021
Last updated 26 July 2021

This section provides information to help you submit your August 2021 Single Data Return (SDR). It also contains a summary of changes for the August 2021 SDR.

Dates for submitting your August 2021 SDR

You can submit your August 2021 return anytime between 8 August 2021 and 21 August 2021.

7 August

Extract date for the August 2021 SDR

8 August

SDR Round opens

21 August

SDR Round closes

Resources and support

When completing your return please refer to the latest version of the 2021 SDR manual, noting the ‘summary of changes for 2021’ page.

  • For help with course, qualification and delivery site approvals, and your SDR in general, please contact the TEC Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301 or at
  • For help on accessing the STEO website and validation errors, please contact the Ministry of Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 or at
  • For those new to submitting SDRs there is a user guide that takes you through the process – step by step.
  • We also recommend you check out the Funding Conditions app available via Ngā Kete. It will allow you to monitor your enrolment conditions for Youth Guarantee and SAC levels 1 and 2.

Important points to note for your August 2021 SDR

Gender descriptions have been updated to align with the latest Statistics New Zealand gender standard classification. There is no change to the codes. 

For International Ph.D. students doing online study off-shore due to COVID-19, please use the following reporting combinations until 31 December 2021, or until borders are open to international students, whichever comes first:

  • ASSIST (2.8) = 09
  • ATTEND (2.9) = 02
  • CRS_SITE (2.10) = 98

Changes after the August 2021 SDR

The Services Education platform (not the STEO app) is being updated after the August SDR. Changes will improve the design and user experience.