Investment Toolkit

Investment Toolkit

Last updated 28 February 2020
Last updated 28 February 2020

The Investment Toolkit provides information, products and templates for the 2020 Investment Round. 

Our objective is to make high-quality investment decisions supporting a dynamic system that delivers lifelong learning and equips learners, communities and employers for success. This Toolkit helps us work with you to achieve this.

The products and templates contained in the Investment Toolkit:

  • explain in more detail what we want to invest in, and how we will make decisions
  • support you to better understand, articulate and improve your own performance
  • make it simpler to do business with us.

Timelines and Roadmap

The Investment Round Roadmap provides an outline of the major milestones to occur during the 2020 Investment Round.

We have continued our approach in the 2020 Investment Round of having a slightly earlier deadline for tertiary education institution (TEI)  Investment Plan submission.


Indicative timing

TEC releases Plan Guidance (PDF, 1.5 Mb) 

Dec 2019

TEC releases Investment Toolkit material 

March 2020

TEC releases Gazette Notice

March 2020

Deadline for Summary of Planned Shifts (TEOs to be advised of this requirement)

30 April 2020

Plan engagement

March 2020 – Aug 2020

Government announces Budget 2020

May 2020

TEC provides indicative allocations, and releases Mix of Provision (MoP) and Education Performance Indicator Commitments (EPICs) templates

1 June 2020

TEC releases Supplementary Plan Guidance to reflect any policy or Budget changes (as required)

by 1 June 2020

Deadline for Plan Exempt PTEs to submit MoP templates

19 June 2020

Deadline for Mid-cycle TEOs to submit MoP templates

Deadline for Plan required TEOs to submit Strategic Intent, MoPs and EPICs and learner success templates

13 July 2020

TEC reviews proposed Plans and has further discussions with TEOs as needed

From 13 July 2020

TEOs submit any changes to their proposed Plans, including MoP and EPIC templates, following discussions with TEC

21 August 2020

TEC finalises assessment of proposed Plans

August-September 2020

TEC makes funding decisions

Oct – Nov 2020

TEOs notified of decisions via Plan funding approval letter

From Oct 2020

First payments

Jan 2021

Products to describe our approach to decision-making

These products describe what Investment Plans have to cover and our approach to decision-making.

Plan content and assessment criteria

The TEC sets criteria for the content of Investment Plans, Plan summaries, the submission process and timetable, and how Plans will be assessed. These are published in the New Zealand Gazette.

Due to the Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE), for the 2020 Plan round there will be two notices published in the New Zealand Gazette. One for all other TEOs and one for NZIST. You can access the Gazette notice for all other TEOs below. The gazette notice for NZIST will be published at a later date.   

Plan Gazette notice 2020

We take a holistic approach when assessing Plans. We assess the extent to which a TEO’s proposed Plan will contribute to achieving Government strategic priorities, learner success outcomes, and address regional and national need. We also consider a TEO’s capability to deliver on its proposed Plan while making assessments.

Information on the Government’s priorities are outlined in the Tertiary Education Strategy (TES), Plan Guidance, Investment Briefs (listed below) and other strategic documents.

Investment Briefs

The Investment Briefs are a summary of our objectives and what we want to achieve across particular areas of provision. 

All existing briefs have been updated for the 2020 Plan round with new data and information where it is available. There is also a new Investment Brief for the Food and Fibres Sector which replaces the previously published Focus Area Brief.

Investment Briefs


Industry Training Fund (ITF) Investment Briefs

Construction Investment Brief

Secondary Initial Teacher Education Brief

Food and Fibre Sectors Investment Brief

Ōritetanga Learner Success

We want a tertiary education system that supports all New Zealanders to set and achieve tertiary and career goals that will deliver good outcomes for them and for the country.

A transformational change in approach and performance is required if Māori and Pacific learners are to participate and achieve at all levels of tertiary education on par with other learners.

This infosheet (PDF, 944 Kb) provides background information about the TEC’s Ōritetanga Learner Success work to ensure success for all learners.

Reform of Vocational Education (RoVE)

The documents provided above in this section generally do not specifically address the impacts that the RoVE have on the sector. Separate information will be provided on how TEOs impacted by the RoVE will be engaged with over the 2020 Plan round.  

Ngā Kete tools which help you understand your performance and develop your Plans

When we assess your Investment Plan, we will look for evidence that you have used multiple sources of information and data to build up a robust picture of your performance and of your stakeholder needs. 

Our Ngā Kete products will support you to develop your Investment Plans. Our products will help you analyse and understand your delivery and performance in context as you draft your Investment Plans. They also provide supporting evidence for final Plan submissions. 

We publish and regularly update our Ngā Kete information products so that it is easier for you to explore data about tertiary provision, performance, secondary-to-tertiary transitions, and post study outcomes. You can also access your commitments, your funding conditions, allocations, and payments via Ngā Kete

The infosheet below outlines what each Ngā Kete product can do to help you develop and finalise your Investment Plan, and links to more detail about how to use each product.

            Infosheet Ngā Kete information products (PDF, 1.1 Mb)

Student Voice full report 

Please also see the Student Voice in Tertiary Education Settings: Practice Examples. This document provides guidance for TEOs on ways to engage with students.

Information about labour market demand

When assessing your Investment Plan, we will look at what programmes you plan to deliver, and how well your proposed Plan will help provide the knowledge and skills that are in demand.

The infosheet below provides key links to information on labour market, skills and regional economic growth in New Zealand. This information may be helpful when developing your Investment Plan.

Infosheet: where to find labour market, skills and economic growth information to assist with Investment Plans (PDF, 651 Kb)

Templates for developing and submitting your Plan

Many of the templates you require for drafting and submitting your Plan are available in Workspace2 (for example a Mix of Provision (MoP) templates). Please refer to the table below for other relevant templates.

Template description  Who needs it Submission deadline

Summary of Planned Shifts (Word, 75 Kb)

Capturing the high-level shifts you propose to make in response to the government’s priorities. This will enable us to have early discussions on key strategic areas as you develop your Plan.

TEOs who are required to submit an Investment Plan in 2020 and receive more than $5m in funding. 30 April 2020

The Investment Plan template (Word, 4.7 Mb)

TEOs should use this template to structure the strategic intent component of their Investment Plan (Plan). It sets out the requirements for proposed Plans and ensures we have all the information we require to make informed investment decisions.

You will generally also be required to submit other information with your Plan submission. For example Mix of Provision (MoP) templates. You can find this information on your workspace2. Please contact your Relationship Manager or Advisor if you require further support.

All TEOs submitting an investment plan.  June to July 2020 (please refer to timeline for further detail)

Learner Success Plan Template (Word, 425 Kb)

The purpose of this template is to help TEOs focus on the key questions which we think are important answer when looking to improve outcomes for all learners:

  • an understanding of what parity of participation would look like for your TEO, and whether you are currently achieving it,
  • a commitment at governance, management, and leadership levels to achieving parity of achievement for your Māori and Pacific learners,
  • teaching and learning that responds to the needs of Māori and Pacific learners, e.g. use of culturally responsive teaching practices, or content that reflects cultural knowledge and values, and
  • support for Māori and Pacific learners and their families to make informed decisions about, and successful transitions into, tertiary education.
 All TEOs required to submit a new Plan and receiving more than $5 million in funding are required to use this template as part of their Plan submission.  13 July 2020

Request for Additional funding template (Excel, 61 Kb)

TEOs experiencing increased demand (or with forecast demand) in areas of strategic priority can make a request for additional funding.

For more information, including a detailed outline of the criteria, please see Additional Funding Request – Further information (PDF, 666 Kb)

This template is only be used for requests for additional funding in 2020.

The template and related process for additional funding requests for 2021 funding will be released by June 2020. This needs to be completed as part of 2020 investment round documentation. 

All TEOs applying to amend 2020 funding. As part of a TEO’s submission of their 2020 investment round documentation

A micro-credential certifies a coherent, stand-alone package of learning, tightly focused on a specific skill-set, and can be immediately useful. Micro-credentials enable learners to acquire the skills they need, when they need them. At the same time, they enable TEOs to respond more agilely to employers’ and communities’ changing skill demands.

For more information see the Micro-credentials funding approval sections of our website.

All TEOs eligible for Student Achievement Component (SAC) or Industry Training Fund (ITF) funding can apply for funding to deliver micro-credentials. N/A

Want to know more?

For more information about the Investment round, please contact your Relationship Manager or call our Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301