Applying for funding

Applying for funding

Last updated 9 October 2020
Last updated 9 October 2020

Transitional ITOs and WDCs can apply for this funding by completing the application form below and returning it to with the subject line: [Your Edumis Number]: WDC Transitional ITO Project Fund.

WDC Transitional ITO COVID-19 Response Projects Fund Application Form (Word, 276 Kb)

Application rounds are scheduled, and deadline dates can be found in the ‘Application Dates’ section below.

The application form includes detailed information on the criteria that will be used to assess submissions for funding.

How to complete the application

Projects in the application form are split into three phases. This phased approach is designed to help enable Transitional ITOs and WDCs develop and describe their projects from ideation through to design of the solutions.

While all three stages will be required for some projects, other projects may use different combinations of the phases depending on their size and activities. Please use your judgement and complete the phase/s that are sensible.

It is expected that projects will evolve as each phase is completed. As a project advances through the phases, you may build on the original application form with the next phase’s information included.

You will need to produce a project scoping document either at the end of phase 1, or where you are starting at phase 2, to be submitted with your phase 2 application. This project scoping document will need to be updated to submit with your phase 3 application.

If funding for an earlier phase is not required, for example where a project plan and scope has already been developed, then you may skip the earlier phase(s) and apply for funding at the appropriate stage for the project.

As you progress through each phase, please use the same application form and update it as required.

Phase 1 – Planning, scoping and ideation

This phase focuses on project scoping and planning in collaboration with industry and providers to determine projects. Funding requests should only require a small amount of money to scope up the project, including undertaking any ideation activities. If this aspect is not required, and you already have a project scope, you can skip this section and begin with phase 2.

The completion of phase 1 will require the submission of a project scoping document. The project scoping document should include the following information:

  1. Purpose, justification, background and objectives
  2. Scope, key deliverables, key milestones, and key outputs (if known)
  3. Risks, constraints, assumptions and dependencies
  4. Key partners and stakeholders
  5. Key project roles and governance arrangements.

Phase 2 - Investigate skills responses

This phase focuses on understanding, determining and prioritising the necessary skills responses, training and pathways. This involves the review of existing industry skills standards and programme components. If you have not applied for phase 1 funding, please submit your scoping document with your phase 2 application.

Phase 3 - Design skills responses

This phase focuses on the design work related to proposals determined through project scoping, planning and investigation phases. This is the main part of the project and we expect the bulk of the funding to go towards this phase.

Application dates

Panel number Application deadline
Panel 1 17 July 2020
Panel 2 31 July 2020
Panel 3 14 August 2020
Panel 4 28 August 2020
Panel 5 11 September 2020
Panel 6 25 September 2020
Panel 7 30 October 2020
Panel 8 27 November 2020
Panel 9 29 January 2021
Panel 10 26 March 2021