Qualification at Level 7 (degree) and above

Qualification at Level 7 (degree) and above

Last updated 1 June 2022
Last updated 1 June 2022

The Degree Level 7 and Above fund is the Government’s contribution towards the cost of teaching and learning services for students enrolled at a tertiary education organisation (TEO) and studying towards a qualification listed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) at level 7 (degree) or above.

The funding helps ensure New Zealand has graduates who contribute to the knowledge economy and society, to support stronger linkages between TEOs and with business, to drive productivity, and to meet labour market demand.

Please note: More information to come on the qualification at level 7 (degree) and above fund

Funding rates

Increase in funding rates

The funding rates from SAC3+ include the 2.75% increase to tuition subsidy rates for qualification at level 7 (degree) and above. The increase will help providers maintain the quality of tertiary education.

2023 funding rates

The table below lists the funding rates available by the alphabetic and numeric codes (categories) for different course classifications. These rates apply from 1 January 2023.

A PDF of this table is at 2023 qualification at level 7 (degree) and above funding rates.

Please note: These rates are as of 1 June 2022 and have been calculated based on the 2.75% rate increase for 2023 as announced by the Minister. These categories and course class descriptions are subject to change from October 2022.

Funding allocation

2023 Qualifications at Level 7 (degree) and Above indicative allocations

The 2023 indicative allocation is our early estimate of each TEO’s ‘On-Plan’ funding that each TEO could receive for 2023 if their Investment Plan is approved for funding. We calculate the indicative allocation using a set of allocation methodologies. The indicative allocation methodologies are specific to each fund and are reviewed and revised every year to ensure alignment to funding determinations and the current tertiary environment.

2023 indicative allocations are made available through the My Allocations and Payments app on Ngā Kete from 1st June 2022. This will include additional details that provide the additional breakdown for the allocations.

The Qualifications at Level 7 (degree) and Above section also covers the indicative allocation methodology for Secondary Initial Teacher Education (SITE).

The details of the 2023 indicative allocation can be found within the 2023 Global Indicative Allocations Methodology [PDF] document.

For more details regarding your specific allocation, please contact customerservice@tec.govt.nz or your Relationship Manager.