Sector Reference Group (SRG)

Sector Reference Group (SRG)

Last updated 21 November 2016
Last updated 21 November 2016

This page provides information on the Sector Reference Group for the 2018 Quality Evaluation for the Performance-based Research Fund. 

It also includes information about the Sector Reference Group members and Sector Reference Group consultation papers.

Sector Reference Group for the 2018 Quality Evaluation

The TEC convened a Sector Reference Group (SRG) to develop the guide for the 2018 Quality Evaluation.

The role of the SRG is to provide advice and recommendations to us on what operational changes should be made to the design of the Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF), primarily the Quality Evaluation, before the implementation of the next Quality Evaluation.

These recommendations are developed as part of a public consultation process. They look at specific issues highlighted by the evaluation review, the implementation of the previous Quality Evaluation, and the reports of the peer review panels that undertake the assessment process.

The agreed recommendations of the SRG form the basis of the PBRF Quality Evaluation Guidelines.

Emeritus Professor Ian Town is the Chair of the SRG. Professor Town is the former Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Canterbury and has extensive knowledge of the sector and the PBRF at both strategic and operational levels.

View the PBRF Sector Reference Group Terms of Reference (PDF, 46 Kb)  


SRG members

The members of the SRG and their orgnisations are as follows: 


NameAffiliated organisation
Emeritus Professor Ian Town (Chair) Independent
Professor Richard Blaikie University of Otago
Dr Maxine Bryant University of Canterbury
Professor Donald Cleland Massey University
Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman University of Otago
Mr Jonathan Hughes Universities of New Zealand
Professor Kate Kearins Auckland University of Technology
Professor Robyn Longhurst University of Waikato
Dr Shireen Maged Te Wānanga o Aotearoa
Professor Janet McLean University of Auckland
Professor Kay Morris Matthews Eastern Institute of Technology
Professor Richard Newcomb Plant and Food Research, University of Auckland
Professor Tony Parker Massey University
Dr Steven Ratuva University of Auckland
Associate Professor Jacinta Ruru University of Otago
Professor David Simmons Lincoln University





SRG Consultation papers

The SRG consults with the sector and other stakeholders on a range of implementation issues as part of the development of operational guidelines for the 2018 Quality Evaluation.

Information on the consultation process and the SRG consultation papers, feedback summaries and feedback templates can be found on the SRG Consultation Papers page