Last updated 17 March 2017
Last updated 17 March 2017

This page sets out tertiary education organisation (TEO), programme and learner eligibility requirements for the Adult Literacy Educator (ALE) Fund.

TEO eligibility

See Condition: Organisation eligibility for tertiary education organisation (TEO) eligibility requirements. 

Programme eligibility

See the following conditions for programme (including course) eligibility requirements.

Learner eligibility

See Condition: Learner eligibility for learner eligibility requirements.

In addition, TEOs must verify learner identity. See Condition: Verification of learner identity.

Investment Plans

Each TEO must have an approved Investment Plan (Plan) that sets out how it will use Adult Literacy Educator funding to increase the number of graduates with a literacy and numeracy educator qualification at level 5 on the NZQF, and how this will:

  • build an effective literacy and numeracy teaching workforce regionally and in New Zealand
  • reduce the fees for qualifications for literacy and numeracy educators, and
  • contribute to the tertiary education system in line with the Tertiary Education Strategy.

The approved Plan must include a mix of provision (MoP) that we have approved.

The MoP must be submitted through Workspace 2 using the Adult Literacy Educators Mix of Provision template (PDF 95 KB) (PDF, 97 Kb).