Ōritetanga – tertiary success for everyone

Ōritetanga – tertiary success for everyone

Last updated 28 February 2020
Last updated 28 February 2020

Mā te mahi ngātahi, ka angitū – success requires all of us to play our part.

Learner success is essential to a successful and thriving New Zealand

Every person should receive the support they need to succeed in education, and achieve sustainable employment and lead fulfilling lives. However, our current tertiary education system does not always deliver an education experience appropriate to the needs of a large group of learners. Māori, Pacific and disabled learners are over-represented in this group.

These learner groups, all face barriers that affect their participation and successful completion of tertiary study. There are well publicised flow-on impacts for Māori, Pacific and disabled communities, as well as the New Zealand economy and society.

This needs to change.

A key to unlocking our future economic and social well-being for all New Zealanders is education. To achieve this we need to take a holistic approach to learner success. To create a tertiary education system that works for everyone, we must all play our part.

A tertiary education system driven to achieve equity

The Government’s vision for shaping a stronger education system is focused on a tertiary experience that is inclusive, equitable and connected. To support this vision, the TEC has set a five-year goal to achieve participation and completion patterns for Māori and Pacific learners that are the same as other New Zealanders in tertiary education.

To push towards this goal we need to partner with all tertiary education organisations (TEOs), with employers, with learners, and their families, whānau and communities.

We need transformational change to achieve a system-level shift

Developing a tertiary system that works well for all learners is complex, as it requires coordination across a wide range of areas. While we have a specific focus on Māori, Pacific and disabled learner achievement, the Ōritetanga learner success approach will identify and support all learners at risk because it is based on range of nuanced indicators to identify specific learners needs.

In order for TEOs to make a difference for all learners, we need to see a shift from individual interventions and pockets of focus to a systemic learner focus in all aspects of their operations.

To achieve this goal, a holistic approach is required, involving several key elements:

  • strong leadership within TEOs and in relationships with key partners (including employers, family, whānau, iwi)
  • systems and processes designed with the learner in mind, including teaching and learning environments
  • a ‘guided pathways’ approach that makes it clear to learners before they enrol what they need to do to gain a qualification and where their qualification will lead them
  • data and technology solutions that can be used to appropriately track learner progress and support learner success.

TEC is working with the sector to make this shift

Our Ōritetanga learner success approach is at the heart of what we do. It is about understanding all learners, their needs and aspirations, and supporting TEOs to intentionally redesign their businesses with learners at the centre.

There are compelling domestic and international examples that show we can make a significant difference in learner success. Based on this evidence, we have developed a Learner Success Framework for the New Zealand context.

The Learner Success Framework provides TEOs with a blueprint for putting learners at the heart of what they do, and is designed to address the bias and disparities that have resulted in the system underserving certain learner groups. The approach is designed to deliver on our commitment to equity and to ensure all learners can succeed.

The Learner Success Framework

Learner Success Framework

We are partnering with TEOs to test the Learner Success Framework to develop New Zealand learner success models which all TEOs can learn from.

To learn more about the Ōritetanga Learner Success approach please contact your Relationship Manager Investment or call our Customer Contact Group on 0800 601 301.

We also want to ensure there is alignment across all of our work including investment, careers information and our work across government. Within the TEC, we are growing our capability to better understand learner communities and to champion a shift to create a tertiary education system that works for all learners.