The Key Information for Students – helping learners make tertiary enrolment choices

He kohinga pū pārongo mā ngā ākonga

Last updated 21 November 2016
Last updated 11/21/2016

The Key Information for Students (KIS) is part of the TEO Published Information for Learners initiative being undertaken by the TEC and is currently in development. The KIS will become publicly available from late 2016.

What is the Key Information for Students?

Making decisions on what and where to study can be tricky.  There is a lot of good information available but it is not always presented in ways that make study choices easy.

The Key Information for Students (KIS) is a structured set of information designed to help learners easily compare qualification information across tertiary providers. 

The KIS presents information that is already available in different locations into a single, more consistent and comparable format on the websites of tertiary providers. It allows you to easily find the information you need to help you decide what and where to study.

Learners decision making process diagram

Where do you find the Key Information for Students?

You’ll find the Key Information for Students (KIS) on the qualification pages of providers’ websites from late 2016. The TEC is piloting the KIS with a number of TEOs before making this publicly available to all learners. This is what it looks like at the moment but it may change as we are seeking learner feedback to make sure it works for them.

What is its purpose?

Use the Key Information for Students (KIS) to:

  • choose which qualification to study by comparing info across qualifications including: entry criteria, fees, employment rates and earnings of graduates with this qualification
  • select which tertiary provider to study with by comparing: qualification entry criteria, qualification duration, fees and success rates across tertiary providers.  

What information does the Key Information for Students have?

Provider-specific information   

  • Entry requirements
  • Duration
  • Tuition fees
  • Student success

National-level information – for young graduates

National Graduate Outcomes Note: The information used in the Key Information for Students (KIS) relates to domestic students only.  For qualifications with majors, the key information set data relates to the home qualification with which individual courses are associated.

Key Information Set For Students

Definitions of the fields

Entry requirements

  • Entry requirements shows the qualifications or experience you need to have to start studying this qualification with this provider.
  • Additional requirements is a link to more information about any additional requirements the provider may have that you need to demonstrate before you can be accepted into the qualification. 


Shows the minimum time to complete this qualification with the provider.

Tuition fees

Provides information about what you pay towards your qualification and what the Government contributes.

  • Student fees shows the estimated tuition fees you will need to pay to study this qualification with this provider (after the Government subsidy).
  • Government subsidy shows the amount the Government subsidises your study for this qualification. 

Student success

Provides information to give you some indication of how satisfied other learners have been with studying the qualification with this provider.

  • Successful course completions – shows (in a given year for this provider) the percentage of students that successfully completed courses for this qualification with this provider.

National Graduate Outcomes

This area provides information about the outcomes of tertiary study and relates to students who have completed a qualification in the same subject area, at the same level, across New Zealand.

  • In employment shows the percentage of young graduates in this field of study who remain in New Zealand and are employed (in any form) for four months or more in the second tax year after completion.
  • In further study shows the percentage of young graduates undertaking further tertiary study two years after completing a qualification.
  • Median earnings shows the median earnings of young graduates in employment two years after completing a qualification.

Other tools to help you make study decisions

The Key Information for Students (KIS) is one of many tools available to help you decide what you should study. Also check out: