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Productivity Commission releases its tertiary education report

Productivity Commission releases its tertiary education report

Last updated 21 March 2017
Last updated 03/21/2017

The Productivity Commission has published its final report on its inquiry into New Models of Tertiary Education. 

The inquiry is a significant review of the tertiary education system in New Zealand. The New Models of Tertiary Education final report is available for download on the Productivity Commission’s website (PDF, 4.95 Mb).

We have worked with the Productivity Commission during the course of the review, providing information to support its research and providing feedback on draft reports.

We are currently reviewing the final report and will be giving the Commission’s findings and recommendations careful consideration. We will also work with other government agencies to support the Government’s response to the report.

We will update you further after we have reviewed the report in detail.

See Productivity Commission's media release - New models of tertiary education are coming, ready or not.