Disaster alert banner

Our new alert banner on website home page

Our new alert banner on website home page

Last updated 29 June 2017
Last updated 06/29/2017

We have developed a new alert banner for our website to let you know about system outages and any events affecting our normal business operations. 

As the image below shows, the alert is a yellow banner which will appear at the very top of the website home page when there is a new alert message. 

Computer screen image

If there is more than one message, a red number counter will display next to the Alert flag on the left of the banner.

The main alert message will display along the top. Click on this message to read the details of the alert on a new page.

If there is more than one alert, the right pointing arrow will take you to the next alert.

Once you have read the alert/s, you can close the alert banner by clicking on the x on the right.

If you have accidentally closed the alert banner before you have read everything, or you want to go to an alert, you can access all the active alerts. See “Alerts” located next to About us / Contact us / Get updates under the Search window at the top right of the home page, as shown in this image.

Website home page menu showing Alerts