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New source websites added to Ngā Kete

New source websites added to Ngā Kete

Last updated 30 June 2017
Last updated 06/30/2017

We have made some changes to Ngā Kete to keep it up to date and accessible. 

We have added the Careers NZ and Work Inspiration websites to Ngā Kete search to make it even easier for you to find tertiary sector information.

Ngā Kete is a secure portal that allows you to search and browse across multiple public and private information sources from one place. It also gives you access to our information product library. Staff in TEOs and selected sector agencies can access Ngā Kete through an authorised login.

If you want to know more about Ngā Kete see the About our systems and tools web page.

If you would like to request access to Ngā Kete contact our Sector Helpdesk.