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New products developed for our Investment Toolkit

New products developed for our Investment Toolkit

Last updated 27 February 2018
Last updated 02/27/2018

New information, products and templates have been added to the Investment Toolkit. These tools add to the suite of products available to support tertiary education organisations (TEOs) in their strategic planning and Investment Plan engagement. 

The new tools provide TEOs with:

  • further detail on our approach to decision-making for the 2018 Investment Round
  • two new Qlik apps to support understanding of their performance
  • a new TEC business template for Educational Performance Indicator (EPI) commitments. 

Investment Managers will discuss with TEOs how to best use these tools in the development of proposed Plans during Plan engagement.

We look forward to working with TEOs over the coming year to deliver better outcomes for learners.

Visit the Investment Toolkit page.