Exploring our information products

Exploring our information products

Last updated 10 January 2017
Last updated 01/10/2017

In November we launched a new suite of information products to give tertiary education organisations (TEOs) access to information about their own organisation, the sector, and the tertiary environment that was not readily available before.

The new products are designed to support more insightful conversations about tertiary education delivery and enable you to discover new insights into the tertiary education system.

TEO staff who want access can apply for a new or updated Education Sector log in (via the ESAA secure service provided by the Ministry of Education).  

If you have access and are ready to go, we have just added a new video to our suite of support materials.  It’s a great place to get you started exploring this new information.

The video, Exploring our information products, is a quick tour of how you can use the sheets in an app to drill into and filter the data, and make some interesting discoveries. The demo uses the Secondary to Tertiary Transition app to show you the sorts of insights available when you filter by gender, school, NZSCED and region.

Jan Sheppard, our Business Information Services Manager says, “This app has already allowed some TEOs to make surprising discoveries about things, like which students they could be targeting, and which schools they are drawing their students from.”

Data in our apps is updated regularly from a variety of sources including Ministry of Education school leaver data, the Single Data Return and the Industry Training Register.

We encourage you to take time to explore the new apps.  If you have a question about how to use an app you can check out our support page for more guides and videos, or contact our Sector Helpdesk.

And if you find an interesting insight, you may want to share it with your Investment Manager.