Plan Guidance for 2017 and 2018: Timelines for developing a plan

Plan Guidance for 2017 and 2018: Timelines for developing a plan

Last updated 7 November 2016
Last updated 11/07/2016

The following timeline sets out the key milestones and target dates for this plan round. The plan submission deadline is 8 July 2016 (for private training establishments (PTEs)) and 31 August 2016 (for all other tertiary education organisations (TEOs)).


ActivityIndicative timing
TEC releases plan guidance to TEOs (these web pages) End November 2015
TEC engages with TEOs on the Investment Plan October 2015 – March 2016
TEC releases more detailed Plan Guidance based on sector engagement (as required) February – April 2016
TEC publishes Gazette notice setting out requirements for plan content, assessment and plan summaries TBC – likely to be March or April 2016
Government announces Budget 2016 May 2016
TEC releases Supplementary Plan Guidance to reflect any policy or Budget changes (as required) June 2016
Plan engagement: TEC discusses performance information, indicative allocations and proposed plans with TEOs February to September; deadline for plans to be submitted by 8 July (for PTEs) or 31 August (all other TEOs)

TEOs submit their proposed plans to TEC
TEC assesses proposed plans
TEOs are notified of final funding decisions via plan funding approval letters October 2016
First payments made against plans; plan delivery begins January 2017

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