Funding and reporting

Funding and reporting

Last updated 18 November 2016
Last updated 11/18/2016

This page outlines funding and reporting for Trades Academies.


If the tertiary education organisation (TEO) is the lead provider, Trades Academies funding will be paid in monthly instalments from the date the TEO’s contract is agreed with the TEC.

Funding is based on a per-learner rate. The amount of funding paid to both the TEO and the school is proportionate to the amount of programme delivery the learner undertakes at each provider.

The TEC carries out an in-year review of funding after we receive the first manual report from providers. We may reallocate the contracted volume of places after this date.

Any recovery of funding will occur in January the following year. 


All Trades Academy enrolments must be reported through the Single Data Return (SDR) or Industry Training Register (ITR), as appropriate. Providers using the SDR must use Code 24. 

Manual reporting

Trades Academy lead providers must report to the Ministry of Education and the TEC three times a year:

  • March – interim report on enrolments from 1 January
  • July – mid-year report on the first half of the year’s enrolments
  • December – end-year report for the second half of the year, running until mid-December.

Each year the Ministry or the TEC will advise Trades Academy providers of their reporting deadlines and provide a template for submitting the reports.

For 2015 reporting, please see the Reporting Guidance (PDF, 439 Kb).