Last updated 18 November 2016
Last updated 11/18/2016

A Trades Academy programme is full time (25–30 hours per week) for students already enrolled at school.

A Trades Academy programme consists of learning in both secondary and tertiary settings and may include appropriate work experience.

Trades Academies can set up their programme delivery in a variety of ways. The most common way is for students to undertake one or two days of tertiary/trade-based learning each week, with the rest of the course being secondary school-based learning.

The Ministry of Education has a Trades Academy Programme Operational Policy and Guidelines document. The guidelines help lead providers and participating schools understand and meet minimum programme expectations. They also set out eligibility requirements in more detail. 

The guidelines will be expanded over time with the Trades Academy Advisory Group (TAAG) and wider Secondary Tertiary Programme (STP)/Trades Academy stakeholders also having an opportunity to participate in the development of the operational policy.

Please see the Ministry’s Youth Guarantee website for a link to the most recent version of the guidelines.